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Great Bear Chalet Adventures is an ecologically responsible chalet and a private wilderness retreat. Clients will enjoy ‘green’ luxury along the banks of the Atnarko River, in the heart of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park – gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest. Guests of the Great Bear Chalet Adventures will re-wild their spirit and celebrate the reign of the grizzly bear as monarch over the Bella Coola Valley.

The chalet operates under a philosophy of respectful coexistence that allows for top quality wildlife viewing, hiking and eco-rafting in the real ‘Eden’ wilderness. The operators of Great Bear Chalet Adventures believe in respectfully guided wilderness adventures and camping excursions. At their comfortable accommodation guest won’t tour the wilderness, they’ll live in it.

Great Bear Chalet Adventures is a member of the Bella Coola Tourism Association and the Commercial Bear Viewing Association. Their staff volunteer with the Bella Coola Valley Search and Rescue and at the Friends of Tweedsmuir. Great Bear Chalet Adventures was awarded the 2013 Most Ethical Individual Sustainable Business award from Travel for Wildlife.

Meet Jefferson Bray

Meet Jefferson Bray

Jefferson opened his business, Great Bear Chalet Adventures, in 2011 because he wanted to respectfully co-exist and operate an eco-tourism business in wilderness that was prime grizzly bear habitat. He believes that Bella Coola is gaining international exposure as a destination for world travellers who wish to experience an authentic "small town in big wilderness." His business appeals to locals and tourists alike.

Jefferson believes that humanity is beginning to recognize its loss of connection to nature. "Bella Coola provides a genuine opportunity for a friendly, empowering re-connect," said Jefferson. Those businesses that can support that re-connect and support one another will stand to benefit from their ideal location. Jefferson points to a favourite Henry David Thoreau quote, "In wilderness is the preservation of the world."

Jefferson appreciates the remote location of Bella Coola and loves that all of his friends are "Wild." He believes that small business is the foundation for a stable economy and points to some of his favourite businesses as examples of entrepreneurial spirit and business success. Topping Jefferson's favourite and respected businesses are Little Nook Café, Dragonfly Studio, Raven Haven Art Gallery, Tweedsmuir Travel, Bella Coola Valley Seafoods, Creekside Studio Gallery, Copper Sun Gallery and Journeys and The Float House Inn.

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