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Firvale Design & Illustration offers graphic design services as well as design for the built environment. The skilled team will assist with building design and consultation and at Firvale Design & Illustration, customers will feel understood through an ongoing collaborative client relationship.

Firvale Design & Illustration’s team consists of experienced illustrators and furniture designers who are able to provide graphic design services for business as well as personal projects. They welcome corporate and personal clients for large and small illustration or design projects.

Meet Anne Ehrlich

Meet Anne Ehrlich

Anne believes the economy in Bella Coola Valley is becoming more diverse and resilient. It seems to Anne that people are becoming increasingly confident and are willing to try out new and interesting business ventures. She has noticed that visitors to the area are eager to seek out the unique products and services that the Valley has to offer.

Anne started Firvale Design & Illustration in 2012 because she felt that she could offer something that was needed in the community. "I was inspired by other people in the community taking a chance and offering a unique service or set of products," said Anne.

Being an entrepreneur means Anne has to figure things out for herself and acknowledges there are challenges. "But it is also very rewarding in terms of experience and knowledge," she said. Anne genuinely appreciates the sense of mutual support she feels when someone chooses to do business with her. She is proud and humbled that the designs she works on will be part of someone's home or their business. Anne enjoys doing business in the Bella Coola Valley as she feels it is an opportunity to get to know people better and meet people who are new in town.

Anne moved back to Hagensborg to have a family, build a house and start her business. She enjoys the calm, quiet lifestyle and the warm social atmosphere. She appreciates her neighbours and their shared 'do-it-yourself' attitude. The location of Anne's business is ideal and Anne loves being able to hike up the mountains that are located right outside her door. When she isn't busy with Firvale Design & Illustration, Anne likes to run the Burnt Bridge Loop Trail with her friends and her dog. Family is very important to Anne and she loves to go hiking or on a ski adventure with her daughter, and to go fishing and mushroom picking with her husband.

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