End of the Road Coffee Company

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End of the Road Coffee Company is a small-batch coffee roastery. End of the Road Coffee believes the better the bean, the better the coffee and all of their beans are ethically sourced and often organically grown. End of the Road Coffee is available as fresh roasted wholesale and retail coffee beans. Their coffee is consistently delicious.

End of the Road Coffee donates to a variety of charities and local fundraising initiatives such as the Bella Coola Music Festival and the Bella Coola Valley Learning Society.

Meet Justin Gray & Tim deGrace

Meet Justin Gray & Tim deGrace

Business partners Justin and Tim own End of the Road Coffee in Hagensborg and love doing in a small town. " You're responsible to friends and neighbours," said Justin. They went into business together because there was a need and they knew they could provide a good product and an appreciated service. They love being entrepreneurs because they are able to put a high level of investment into getting the best possible product.

Justin and Tim enjoy "the small scale of business operations and the high level of creativity and entrepreneurialism" that is on the Central Coast. Justin and Tim have noticed an increase in small businesses and entrepreneurs filling needs. Stores such as Little Nook Café and Mountain Valley Organics are examples of the active small business culture.

They both enjoy riding bikes, skiing and fishing throughout the area. Justin and Tim both have young families and love to play an active part in raising their kids. This area is their "home sweet home" and they are happy to be part of the "simply simple" small town life.

1511 Sawmill Rd
Hagensborg, BC V0T 1H0

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