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Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals is a locally owned and operated vehicle rental business with locations in Bella Coola and Anahim Lake. Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals prides themselves on their reputation for providing clean, safe and reliable transportation options to the business traveller and vacation explorer.

There are a variety of vehicles available for rental including compact sport utility vehicles, full-sized sport utility vehicles, multi-passenger vans, full and mid-sized 4 wheel drive pick-up trucks. Trailers, such as horse trailers, flat-deck and utility trailers are also available for rental.

At Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals, all rental vehicles are fully insured and there are no additional costs required for customers. Stephen Waugh has been operating Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals since 2010 and is proud of his business and their reputation for exemplary customer service. “We want everyone to enjoy their experience go away satisfied with our service,” said Stephen.

Meet Stephen Waugh

Meet Stephen Waugh

Stephen owns and operates Bella Coola Vehicle Rentals and loves doing business in small towns because he feels there is a strong sense of trust and loyalty in the community. " Living in a small town makes it possible to make meaningful contributions to the community," said Stephen. He gives back by volunteering and being involved in local events such as the rodeo and the Bella Coola Music Festival. Stephen is also a long-standing member of the Bella Coola Valley Tourism Association.

There's so much to do and enjoy in Bella Coola. Stephen loves gardening and being outside exploring the region. "One of the best little secret spots is the grotto on the way to the harbour," said Stephen, "because it's so hidden and private." In the past few years, Stephen has noticed businesses in Bella Coola are becoming more robust, with new businesses opening and existing businesses enhancing their products and services. Stephen appreciates small businesses in his community, including Bella Coola Valley Seafoods, Tallheo Cannery Guest House, Suntree Guest Cottages, Dragonfly Studio, Little Nook Café and many more, for their resourcefulness and originality.

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