Bella Coola Mountain Lodge

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Bella Coola Mountain Lodge provides a warm welcome with their relaxing accommodation. Their 14 well-appointed rooms and suites are designed to remain deeply rooted in the rich and unique heritage of the beautiful surroundings. Ideally located in the community of Hagensborg but not far from nearby services, the folks at Bella Coola Mountain Lodge are committed to sustainable tourism to protect the very beauty they chose to build their lodge upon.

This is the perfect spot from which to explore the majesty of the valley; located only 15 minutes from the Bella Coola townsite and marina and 35 minutes from Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.
To complement their accommodation, they offer local information on tours, hikes and travel as well as a small selection of local souvenirs and art.

When staying in Bella Coola or the surrounding areas, look no further than the renowned Bella Coola Mountain Lodge.

Meet Pete Kovanda & Jayme Kennedy

Meet Pete Kovanda & Jayme Kennedy

The husband and wife team of Pete Kovanda & Jayme Kennedy, fell in love with the beauty of Bella Coola and instantly knew that they wanted to become a part of the community. The surroundings of Bella Coola look as though they were set to portray a backdrop of an enchanted story; it only takes one glance to see the attraction of this valley.

With its waterfalls cascading down from the mountains and amazing opportunities to see wildlife Pete and Jayme knew they had found their forever home. Their vision to run a welcoming lodge nestled among these amazing views seemed like an optimal way to become part of this community.

The duo is elated to be in Bella Coola as there is a wonderful community feeling among the residents of Bella Coola and the warm friendly faces truly make the community what it is. “We live in a beautiful place,” says Jayme. “The community is very supportive and there are many opportunities to pitch in and make a difference.”

Pete and Jayme reveal that their proudest accomplishment is that people continuously choose to come back and stay with them at the Bella Coola Mountain Lodge. “The guests that come back year after year are a true testament this place,” explains the business owner.

1900 Hwy 20
Hagensborg, BC V0T 1H0