Wildlife Carvings & Sculpture by Merv Waldo


Artist Merv Waldo has been working with wood for most of his life. He developed and honed his skills working on the interior woodwork and cabinetry for luxury yachts. Now in his retirement, Merv has turned his attention fully to Wildlife Carvings and Sculpture by Merv Waldo. Merv has made a name for himself in the arts community for his detailed and life-like wildlife and sea-life carvings and wall sculptures. Merv works with a variety of different exotic and local woods. Pieces are available from the inventory of Wildlife Carvings and Sculpture by Merv Waldo, or buyers can order a specific, custom design.

Meet Merv Waldo

Meet Merv Waldo

When Merv Waldo retired from yacht-building on Vancouver Island, he wanted to move someplace closer to his family in Burns Lake. He fell in love with the Granisle area because of its spectacular scenery and affordable cost of living and was thrilled that it wasn't a long drive from Burns Lake.

Merv has always had a talent for working with wood, a skill that he honed when building luxury yachts, also creating the occasional commissioned carving for wealthy yacht-owners in the process. Says Merv, building boats paid the bills, but what he really enjoyed was wood carving, particularly wildlife, so once he retired he decided to devote his time to his passion for carved art. Since moving to Granisle, he has made numerous pieces and has exhibited them in various shows and venues throughout northern BC.

Merv notes that Granisle is a very artistic community and one that is supportive of artisans of all kinds. "It's easy to get to know people here," he says, "and it's easy to promote yourself and your business." Merv is positive about the future for small business in Granisle, pointing out that the town has done a wonderful job of keeping itself fresh and vibrant and has all the right infrastructure needed for future growth.

Merv comes from a family of avid fishers and hunters, and when he is not carving (either for work or for fun), he can often be found in the woods or fishing on Babine Lake. Merv also spent a lot of his free time after moving to Granisle renovating his home, but now hopes to spend more time carving than remodeling.

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