The Looking Glass Emporium

Arts-Food & Beverage-Home Decor

Step through the Looking Glass and visit The Looking Glass Emporium in Granisle, British Columbia. An homage to Alice in Wonderland, this unique space in the village of Granisle is filled with handmade artisan products, gourmet teas (drink me!),  gourmet tea products and fresh baking.

A magical stop, The Looking Glass Emporium is a must visit when you’re traveling through the area, and might become your favorite reason to put Granisle on your map.

Meet The owner

Meet The owner

The Looking Glass Emporium’s owner saw a beautiful opportunity to create a space for other artists, delicious food, and a tourist destination all in one, when they opened the shop. With a focus on the beauty of the area, and an Alice in Wonderland twist, the owner hopes the shop will become a staple to be celebrated in the region.


Monday to Wednesday from 11 am to 7 pm