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Nifty Stuff owners and designers Lorraine and Gord Andrews have made a name for themselves in Granisle with their distinctive crochet work and wood designs. Lorraine’s signature hats are loved by people all over northern BC and may be what she is most well-known for, but Lorraine also crochets other items for everyone from baby to adult. Gord’s crafty wood designs are a delight to local residents looking for unique items for their homes or for gifts. Gord’s special designs are treasures loved by local residents and visitors from all over BC. Together Lorraine and Gord offer unique one-of-a-kind items to shoppers looking for some very “Nifty Stuff”.

Meet Lorraine & Gord Andrews

Meet Lorraine & Gord Andrews

Over ten years ago, Lorraine and Gord Andrews were looking toward their retirement years and had a desire to leave city living. They knew they wanted to live on a lake, so they began looking at various areas around BC when they were drawn to Granisle. They fell in love with Babine Lake and soon decided it would be a wonderful place to buy a retirement home.

Lorraine had always enjoyed a variety of crafts, even as a young girl. She spent a lot of time crafting in her early years until her children came along and life got too busy. Now, with her family grown, Lorraine decided to take up crafting again. She began crocheting hats, at first as gifts. Then friends and family began making requests for her unique crocheted items, and before she knew it she had a business on her hands, literally. These days Lorraine sells her crocheted items locally and at a few out-of-town craft fairs. Lorraine also donates a number of items to Local Hospital Gift Shops.

Gord has always enjoyed woodwork and after retirement kept busy with the renovations of their current lakeside home. Once the renovations were complete Gord found some time on his hands and started puttering with wood in his garage. His unique designs with natural and reclaimed wood quickly caught the attention of local residents and have kept Gord busy puttering ever since. His items are also available locally and at a few out-of-town craft fairs.

While Lorraine says she loves to craft and is rarely found without her crochet hook in hand, she does like to spend time doing her favourite outdoor activities with Gord when she can, especially fishing. Together Lorraine and Gord have designed some truly "Nifty Stuff" for their clients.

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