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Granisle Internet Services is a unique enterprise that is truly locally-owned and operated. It was launched in 2006 as an initiative of the Village of Granisle, born out of the desire to provide better Internet services to Granisle residents. It continues to be operated under the umbrella of the Village of Granisle, but today it is a self-sustaining enterprise. Granisle Internet Services provides Internet services plus ongoing support to its customers.

Granisle Internet Services is committed not just to its current customer base, but to the continued push for better communications for Granisle and area residents. It recently upgraded to a higher bandwidth, and the company provides a guaranteed 5mgs download speed and with 1.5mgs upload. The Village of Granisle Internet Service provides service to Regional District local Area G residents living along Highway 118, Mill Bay and Topley Landing. A more recent upgrade to the Granisle Internet Service was the installation of Hot Spots at the local campgrounds. Now supplying campers at New Beach campground, Lion’s Beach RV Campground, Coopdogg’s Fishing Lodge and Babine Lodge RV Campgrounds with access to internet services. Granisle Internet Services is committed to providing consistent, quality Internet and personalized service to its customers.

Meet The Staff of Granisle Internet Services

Meet The Staff of Granisle Internet Services

One of the reasons that people move to Granisle is its beautiful, natural location away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But living in a somewhat remote community also has its unique challenges, and communications was a big one. It's one of the reasons the Village of Granisle got into the Internet business, says Lorna Burkett, a customer service representative with Granisle Internet. "We wanted to provide a more efficient option for residents to have access to internet and communications." "Now there is a better system," says Lorna, and today a third of Granisle's population uses Granisle Internet's services.

The staff at Granisle Internet are thrilled to be able to provide such a vital service to the locals, whom they are proud to serve. It is the people who live here, they add, who make the village of Granisle what it is. "It's a small community," says Lorna, "so everybody knows everybody." So when someone calls Granisle Internet with a question about their services, chances are good that you know them personally, so doing a good job and going out of your way to meet their needs is really important.

The people make the community, says Lorna, and the beautiful natural surroundings are Granisle's next-best characteristic. Many of the staff are fans of outdoor activities. Fishing is a favourite, thanks to the fantastic stock of rainbow trout in Babine Lake.

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