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Stellako Lodge boasts amazing lake views from its property which includes six cabins with kitchenettes and one deluxe cabin. Stellako Lodge is just minutes from some of BC’s best lake and river fishing (including fly fishing) as well as lakeside golf. Stellako Lodge’s dining room serves warm, delicious dinners every night between Thursday and Sunday (by reservation only). Accommodations are available between May and September annually.

Meet Erwin & Trudi Vogt

Meet Erwin & Trudi Vogt

The Vogts have been welcoming guests from all over BC, Canada and other parts of the world since they first bought Stellako Lodge in 1981. Having moved from a city, they were looking for a quieter, more peaceful lifestyle for their family and the opportunity to work for themselves. Now that their children are all grown, the Vogts spend much of their time taking care of the lodge, and Erwin does all of the cooking in the dining room.

Running a business like theirs takes up a lot of time, especially during the busy travel season. But the Vogts also like the flexibility of working for themselves. "You control your own schedule," says Trudi, "and you can plan your time off."

Trudi is especially fond of the lake and loves spending time in their boat during the summer months. "It's a quiet, beautiful lake," she says, adding that it's a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of town and work. "We are surrounded by nature here, it is very peaceful."

301-1268 5th Ave
Prince George, BC V2L 3L2


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