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Signature Creations owner and designer Marilynn Reyden has been designing and creating original jewelry and artistic pieces for sale since 2006. Marilynn’s unique imagination and flair for working with a variety of mediums has garnered herself a local reputation as a talented artisan. Signature Creations stocks a number of original creations ready for purchase. Customers can also order custom-made, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Signature Creations is a member of the Fraser Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Prince George & District Community Arts Council.

Meet Marilynn Reyden

Meet Marilynn Reyden

Signature Creations owner Marilynn Reyden has always had a fondness and a talent for design. She experimented with clothing and jewellery design in her early years until she decided to explore glass bead-making. She began taking jewellery and glass bead-making classes, eventually learning the art of making fused glass art pieces like bowls, plates, platters, and vases, both functional and artistic. Her new found passion took hold and she immediately began to invest in equipment and materials so she could pursue her dream of designing and producing her own "signature" creations for a living.

Marilynn maintains an extensive home studio and gallery that customers and artists agree rivals that of any big city gallery. Marilynn has a story for each piece she creates and loves sharing that story with guests. In addition to creating original pieces, Marilynn also offers fused glass workshops and gets a sense of satisfaction out of passing on her knowledge to her students.

Marilynn and her husband are deeply tied to the Fraser Lake community and felt it was the perfect location to launch her gallery. She is always striving to take her business to the next level, making it a destination for both local and visiting art lovers. Marilynn is grateful for the support that she has received thus far from locals, noting that local businesses like hers are here and will remain here because of local support.

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