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Memory Canvas Creations offers a unique way to showcase photos and memories, turning them into a classy and beautiful piece of artwork perfect for displaying. A combination of mixed media painting and scrapbooking techniques, the result is a keepsake that, unlike a scrapbook, will never be hidden away on a shelf. Learn to create your own Memory Canvas at a workshop, or custom order a Memory Canvas with your cherished photos.

Meet Cathy Harder

Meet Cathy Harder

Cathy Harder used to be an avid scrapbooker, but soon got frustrated with the idea of putting so much time and hard work into creating a beautiful scrapbook page, only to stick the page in an album and place it on a shelf, rarely to be looked at. It's why she developed her Memory Canvas product. It's a combination of scrapbooking and her other passion, mixed media painting (which she refers to as her "excuse not to do housework"), and the result is a beautiful piece of art that is also a memorable keepsake.

When you do business in a small town, says artist Cathy, "word of mouth rules" when it comes to advertising. "People trust what they hear from a trusted personal source." This knowledge is one of the things that drives Cathy to work hard, serve her customers well and provide a quality product. In a place like Fraser Lake, "everyone just seems to know everyone, who they are and how they are connected." You can't help but meet people you know when you're out and about, she says, and it's one of the major contributing factors to the excellent quality of living in Fraser Lake. The beauty and uniqueness of the lake and the scenery is another, as is the rich history of the area. When she's not busy painting and creating art, Cathy likes to get outside and enjoy the lake and all of the outdoor activities around Fraser Lake.

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