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Goshawk Longbows are designed to provide the hunter seeking the traditional experience with a proven longbow and have been carefully developed after years of design research. Goshawk Longbows have been described by avid bow hunters as the quietest bows on the market. Creator and designer Robert (Bob) Zang is a skilled wood worker and a lifelong bow hunter who has combined his two passions and honed his talents to produce some of the finest longbows available anywhere. High-performance Goshawk Longbows are available in 58 inches, 60 inches and 62 inches.

Meet Bob Zang

Meet Bob Zang

Two of Bob Zang’s greatest passions are bow hunting and working with wood, so in 2005 he combined them and started Goshawk Longbows. “It’s the best of both worlds,” he says. Bob has lived in Fraser Lake for more than 30 year has spent many hours hunting in the woods. It was a natural place to launch his business and he knows all of his customers by name. One of the things Bob values most about living and owning a Fraser Lake business is the people who live here. Bob knows most of them in one way or another and thinks that Fraser Lakers are the friendliest people he knows.

Being an entrepreneur suits Bob’s lifestyle. He appreciates being able to be his own boss. It also allows him the flexibility to make time for the things he enjoys, like hunting with his beloved dog at his side. If he’s not in his workshop building his next project, you’ll likely find them somewhere in the woods.

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