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Copper-T Ranch has been raising Hereford cattle since 1988. The herd is built on strict culling and selection processes. Calves are raised naturally and fed minimal grain as weanlings and yearlings. The herd is made up of easy-going cattle with great dispositions and performance. Bulls, heifers and 4H calves are available for public sale.

In addition to raising cattle, Copper-T Ranch sells its own naturally grown, grain and grass-fed beef. No hormone implants or growth enhancers are used in their cattle and the beef is antibiotic-free and government inspected. Beef is available by the piece all year and by the side or split side seasonally. Beef is available for public sale at the ranch as well as at various venues around Fraser Lake.

Meet Trevor & Janice Tapp

Meet Trevor & Janice Tapp

Trevor and Janice Tapp have been raising grass and grain-fed cattle on their Fraser Lake ranch since 1988, long before grass-fed beef was pop culture. Throughout the years the couple has gotten to know many locals through their farm gate beef sales operation and their customers have always appreciateded the high quality of the meat Copper - T Ranch produces. The Tapps feel very connected to their land. They enjoy being able to provide a healthy food product for themselves as well as for others.

The Tapps originally came to Fraser Lake with the intention of working and staying for only a few years. However, they found that they loved the area and they decided to remain permanently. Both Trevor and Janice worked in other professions prior to purchasing the ranch. However, both had farming backgrounds and decided that farming was the perfect choice for supplementing their income and their lifestyle.

The Tapps have seen many changes in the business sector of Fraser Lake over the years. They appreciate that there are so many unique, original businesses and note that the number of home-based businesses has grown recently. They feel confident that the business community will continue to grow and thrive in Fraser Lake as long as local businesses support each other.

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