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Autumn Services is a drop-in centre designed specifically for use by Fraser Lake community members. The centre is open Monday through Friday and residents are encouraged to stop in and say hi and enjoy great conversation. Seniors are invited to take part in the Better at Home Program, helping seniors age in place. The centre is also the hub for community organizations like the Fraser Lake and Area Cancer Support Group. Internet access is also available.

Meet Elaine & Sarrah Storey

Meet Elaine & Sarrah Storey

Fraser Lake resident Elaine Storey loves her small community and the beauty that surrounds it. But she used to worry about Fraser Lake's population of seniors, knowing that it can be difficult for them to find all of the services that they require without having to leave town. Elaine wanted to do something that would benefit local seniors and thought that a drop-in centre would be a positive start. So, along with her daughter-in-law Sarrah, she opened up Autumn Services in 2013. The centre isn't just for seniors, though. The drop in centre is used by people of all ages as a place to meet, socialize and talk about important topics. The centre regularly hosts community events like potlucks and family movie nights and also provides a place for local clubs and organizations to hold meetings,

Elaine and Sarrah love life in Fraser Lake for its laid-back lifestyle and beautiful, peaceful surroundings. They're excited to see how their business has caught on with locals and they're proud to be the catalyst that is helping to forge deeper relationships among residents of all ages. And best of all, they get to meet and socialize with people every day as part of their work.

When they're not working, the Storeys love to hang out together and Elaine takes advantage of those get-togethers to spoil her two grandsons. The family enjoys going on picnics and hunting for agate at Francois Lake.

312 McMillan Ave
Fraser Lake, BC V0J 1S0


Monday to Friday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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