Autumn Services

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Open by appointment only - masks are mandatory - UPS delivery at back door

Autumn Services Centre is open Monday through Friday in the FL Shopping Mall. Everyone is welcome to drop-in, say hi, use the Wi-Fi, enjoy a coffee and meet a new friend. Staff at the centre can help with everything from technology issues to re-homing your family pet. Our Food Share and our Soup & Bun program address food security – making home deliveries every week. Participate in our Better at Home or the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors – United Way funded programs to assist older adults to age in place. Book the centre for your baby shower or your monthly meetings. Virtual meetings can be scheduled in our upgraded Zoom Room and lunch can be provided from our on-site food-safe kitchen. Call us today.

Meet The Board of Autumn Services

Meet The Board of Autumn Services

Meet the folks at Autumn Services. Our friendly volunteers and staff are here to help with your technology needs such as – setting up a Facebook account, filing on-line forms and making on-line enquiries. Use our colour printer to print documents, pictures, air-line tickets, and ask our team to design your invitations or make the perfect business cards. Autumn Services is home to the Phraser Connector – a monthly newspaper written, published, and printed on-site.

Unit 10 111 Chowsunket St
Fraser Lake, BC V0J 1S0


Monday to Friday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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