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Welcome to the Spicy Fusion Indian restaurant, specializing in authentic East Indian cuisine. The team at Spicy Fusion takes extreme care in their food preparation and uses only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality to deliver great food.

Spicy Fusion prides itself on its ambrosial menu. Each item is carefully crafted to entice your taste buds while their chosen décor offers guests a full authentic Indian experience. The warm and inviting atmosphere coupled with exceptional customer service caters to everyone from families to large groups. Join them today at one of their two locations in Fort St John to experience the difference that quality makes.

Meet Ravinder Singh

Meet Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He moved to Canada in 2007 and began working at his brother's restaurant to acquire experience and knowledge of the Canadian culinary industry. Ravinder was waiting for just the right opportunity to open his own establishment. In 2013, a small airport café became available for purchase. He bought the café, spruced it up with a few renovations and started serving delicious foods like his homemade curry. Demand grew so rapidly that by 2014, Ravinder opened a second location.

Ravinder says the best part of owning his own business is the freedom to make his own decisions. "There is no one to tell you no, you have complete freedom to implement any visions you have in regards to your business plan,” he explains. “That’s what I really love about having my own business, I get to express my own ideas with great success.”

Small communities like Fort St John are full of people who want to support small businesses that have exceptional products. Ravinder has repeat customers and fantastic local credibility due to the quality he offers. "I am committed to serving great fresh food," Ravinder says. "Word of mouth will quickly take the place of advertisements if you are doing a great job. In a larger city, this is just not possible as there is always so much competition. It is simple," he continues "My only form of advertisement is charity, if schools or sports teams are looking for me to offer discounts I’m always willing to help my community.

The entrepreneur says he has noticed a big change in Fort St. John since he first arrived. At that time there weren’t many big stores and very few restaurants. In the last three years, Ravinder has noticed many more businesses have chosen to open in Fort Saint John.
“This all makes a difference, every single business builds your town," he says.

Unit 201 100 Ave
Fort St. John, BC V1J 1W4


Tuesday to Saturday:
11:00 am - 10:30 pm

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm