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RG Strategies annually publishes both the Alaska Highway Historical Journey Travel Guide and (in conjunction with the local Chamber of Commerce) the Fort St. John and Area Community Guide. “We are really proud of these projects,” said Robin. The Alaska Highway Historical Journey Travel Guide informs and entertains with stories about the Alaska Highway’s intriguing history and points of interest along the corridor, explained Robin. RG Strategies is happy to represent the business sector in the constantly growing and evolving North Peace Region through the Fort St. John and Area Community Guide.

In addition to these two projects, the RG Strategies team provides a full range of services. “Our services include creative design, strategic planning, market research, branding, printing services, sales materials, publishing, ad campaigns, media planning, media buying, website design, Facebook development and other advertising media,” said Robin. RG Strategies is totally client driven, working for your business and enhancing your team.

RG Strategies is a member of the Fort St. John and District Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Robin & Horst Holstein

Meet Robin & Horst Holstein

Husband and wife team Horst and Robin, started their business RG Strategies in 2001 because they wanted a creative challenge that would allow them to blend their family commitments with a strong work ethic. They love the variety of projects that RG Strategies has the opportunity to have a hand in and the excellent clients they work with. "We enjoy our work," said Robin, "because we are helping our neighbours succeed."

Robin and Horst love living in Fort St. John. "It's not a big city," said Robin, "it's grown into a community of neighbours who are focused on improving the community for their children." They note that people in Fort St. John are so nice and they appreciate all the green spaces and walking areas especially Centennial Park. "Centennial Park is a little bit of quiet in the heart of downtown," Robin said.

When they are not busy with RG Strategies they enjoy traveling on their motorcycle within the Peace Region and beyond.

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