Recycle-It Resource Recovery

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Don’t Trash It, Recycle It! Recycle-It Resource Recovery wants you to know, they recycle almost everything!

A full recycling depot and recycling processing facility in Fort St John, they collect all the regular recyclable materials, free of charge!

Customers can bring in their paper, cardboard, plastic, tin, glass, electronics, small appliances, paint, batteries, clothing, building materials, cooking oil, tires and large appliances. They also offer commercial and multifamily recycling collection as well as on-site confidential paper shredding.

Various environmental related products including the Food Cycler indoor composter, Earth Machine outdoor composters, rain barrels, and various recycling bins are also available.

Go see the proud members of SWANA at Recycle-It, Resource and Recovery and allow them to help you do your part to create zero waste!

Meet Lindsay Heal

Meet Lindsay Heal

No stranger to waste management, sister Lindsay Heal has been working in the field since 2004. After graduating from the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island, Lindsay returned home to Fort St. John and began working full time at a local garbage disposal company. In 2007, she opened a recycling processing facility which was responsible for collecting, processing and marketing recyclable materials on behalf of the PRRD. In 2011, she sold her stake in the company to focus exclusively on recycling construction and demolition waste. Lindsay hold certifications in seven areas of waste management; Recycling, Landfill Operations, Construction & Demolition Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste, Collection Systems, Solid Waste Management and Composting Mun!

“I like the challenge of solving problems and coming up with new ideas, says Lindsay about entrepreneurship. “We’re proud to have created a small town recycling depot that has big city amenities.”

Brother Tyrell Heal, has a background in the oil and gas industry. After spending eight years working in the field, he decided to switch his focus to waste management. Tyrell credits his time in the Oilfield for teaching him how important it is to provide efficient, cost-effective, safe products and services to his customers.

Tyrell holds certifications in Construction and Demolition Waste Management and says his ultimate goal is to make the landfill obsolete.

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