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Peace River Boat and Auto Repair is the local area expert for automobile repairs and boat motor repairs. The shop is experienced in repairing boat motors, both inboard and outboard, on a huge variety of different brands and models of engines. Their trained staff can tackle your automobile engine issues and can reliably conduct repairs on a variety of different makes and models of vehicles including diesel engines. In their fully equipped shop, Peace River Boat and Auto Repair can assess any problem that might be affecting your boat or automobile engine and undertake whatever repairs are required to get it operating properly again. Peace River Boat and Auto Repair also installs, repairs and sells tires too.

Mechanic Donald is able to obtain reliable parts from suppliers quickly. His ongoing personal relationships with suppliers mean expedited deliver for parts. Peace River Boat and Auto Repair gets along well with other repair shops and they are always willing to help each other out to ensure tourists and locals can get back on the road or on the water as quickly as possible.

Clients can rely upon Donald at Peace River Boat and Auto Repair to both ensure that they can safely enjoy their summer with their boats and rely upon their repairs for safe vehicle travel.

At Peace River Boat and Auto Storage you can now store your Boat and RV with confidence. Our facility offers a fully graveled yard, completely fenced and gated compound. We have a variety of stall sizes available to suit the size of your RV, Trailer or Boat. Contact us today so that we can assist you in safely storing your unit!

Meet Donald Blanchard & Lisette Vienneau

Meet Donald Blanchard & Lisette Vienneau

Donald is a mechanic and together Donald and Lisette opened Peace River Boat and Auto Repair in 2010. Donald ensures that customers go out the door happy with a reliably repaired vehicle engine or boat engine. He treats his customers like family and knows the importance of safe and reliable engine repair.

Donald and Lisette moved to Fort St. John from New Brunswick in 2007 and Fort St. John is now home for Donald, Lisette and their family. "We are a French family," said Lisette, "and we were always welcomed and supported by our neighbours, friends and clients." Donald and Lisette are proud of the supportive community of Fort St. John. They are happy that Fort St. John is such a vibrant place to live and work with year-round festivities and lively cultural events. Lisette also highlights the huge amount of choice for sports and recreation available to residents of Fort St. John.

When they are not busy with their work, Donald and Lisette enjoy exploring and camping, quading and hunting. They love being outdoors together as a family to enjoy the long summer days and the fabulous mountain views. Their son has a passion for remote controls and started an RC Club in Fort St. John. Lisette notes that their community has a great sense of innovation. "Everyone is very open to new ideas," said Lisette, "if you have an idea you will be listened to."

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