Jackie Miranda, Certified Rolfer

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Jackie Miranda is a professional and fully Certified Rolfer. “Rolfing is a form of structural bodywork that can help the body function better in gravity,” explained Jackie. She uses soft tissue manipulation and movement education to assist clients in reaching their goal of better alignment of their body. Rolfing has been proven to help alleviate aches and pains, injuries and more. Jackie Miranda’s rolfing is a full body recovery experience that safely targets a client’s problem areas with immediate and long-term results.

Meet Jackie Miranda

Meet Jackie Miranda

Fort St. John is Jackie's home and she loves the relationship she has with her friends and the larger community. In 2014 Jackie started her Rolfing practice and has loved how her small business has led to deeper bonds with clients and a larger network of people she knows in her community. She is proud of her business and, "loves being able to help people find ease in their body."

Jackie likes to run, workout, do yoga and garden in her spare time. Fort St. John has invested in a recreational trail around town and Jackie enjoys being active on the trail system as well. Jackie also loves the small stores in the area and points people to Whole Wheat & Honey Café for the lovely atmosphere and fantastic treats.

10412 Alaska Rd
Fort St. John, BC V1J 1B2


Flexible hours by appointment.