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At the Fort St. John MCC Thrift Shop every small donation has a big impact and improves the life of someone else. The shop is run by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches that share compassion for all by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. The MCC operates ten stores in British Columbia and the Fort St. John location is, like all the other thrift shops, a non-profit charitable organization. The Fort St. John MCC Thrift Shop supports the work that the MCC does in many of the poorest countries in the world and directly improves the quality of life of local families and individual in need.

The Fort St. John MCC Thrift Shop accepts clean donated items and sells them at reasonable prices. The shop supports the people of Fort St. John by providing a place to donate their items and keeps reusable goods out of the landfill. They also support local consumers by providing a shop that has a rotating inventory of interesting and desirable household goods, seasonal supplies, craft materials and clothing. Visit them today to see their wide variety of available items.

Customers will appreciate their clean store with well-organized racks and attractive shelving displays. The Fort St. John MCC Thrift Shop adds new items every day. “The MCC welcomes all people of all faiths and helps all people, locally and elsewhere where there is a need,” said Janet.

The Fort St. John MCC Thrift Shop is pleased to host the annual Ten Thousand Villages craft sale by bringing in items from all over the world for three weeks in the end of November and beginning of December each year.

Meet Manager Janet Banman

Meet Manager Janet Banman

Janet was born and raised in Fort St. John. She grew up rural, living on a farm that her parents still homestead on. Janet loves the small town feel of Fort St. John and the hard working people. She and her husband have six children and they appreciate the strong and supportive connections they have with the wider community. Janet's husband is the pastor of the local North Peace MB Church in Fort St. John and is also a carpenter. Over the years, through their children and through their work, Janet has developed meaningful relationships with many members of the local community. She enjoys relaxing in her spare time and reading a good book. Janet also likes to support the other small businesses in Fort St. John because, she says, "small stores are fueled by passion."

Janet opened the Fort St. John MCC Thrift Shop in April of 2015 because she felt there was a need in the community. She is proud to be the manager of the thrift shop and credits her team of hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers with creating a positive work environment. Janet's shop currently has 40 volunteers. "I am very proud of the volunteers and the staff," said Janet, "it really is a team effort and we work together to make it happen." The volunteers and staff provide a needed service while the thrift store provides a place for people to volunteer and be part of the team, where they can feel safe and contribute to their community. Janet works with the college adult skills program as well as students from the local high school.

Janet is pleased that her store is able to retain some of the net revenue and use those funds to assist local families and vulnerable people in the community with meeting their basic needs. She points out that all of the basic needs at her shop - clothing and bedding for example - are priced lower and the preferred items or the "wants" are priced a little higher. Janet feels it is her purpose and the store's purpose, to help others in need. Customers can feel good donating and purchasing from the Fort St. John MCC Thrift Shop knowing they are helping others meet their basic needs.

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