Donna’s Art Studio/School


Donna’s Art Studio/School is a government registered Art Studio/School that offers art classes for adults and teens with occasional classes for children, including professional development days and home school lessons. Along with other artists and certified art instructors, Donna’s Art Studio/School hosts weekly instructional art classes.

Adult beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are offered in a variety of techniques, styles and mediums, mainly teaching oil painting classes featuring florals, seascapes, landscapes, and animals in both “Wet on Wet” style as well as “Traditional” style. The Donna’s Art also teaches hot wax painting, stepping stone workshops and Christmas classes and Plein Air/Art Retreats have even been offered.

Following the step-by-step instruction with individual assistance, the students can learn about Sketching Laws (Directional Lines, Measurements, Chiaroscuro), Landscape Laws ( Horizon, Divisional Lines, Atmospheric Dome, Vanishing Points, Vortex, Perspective) and much more, all while painting a beautiful painting that usually is finished in one or two sittings! Often after the basics are learned, the students move on to creating their own original masterpieces.

Donna noticed that traditionally art classes required students to attend with all their own canvases, easels, paints, drop clothes and supplies. Donna’s Art Studio/School found a solution to this challenge by providing students with blank, top-quality, deluxe Gotrick canvasses as well as art supplies, professional brushes and “only the best non-toxic oil paints on the market – Alexander paints,” to their students. “It works great,” said Donna, “students don’t have to worry about bringing anything but a smile”. Donna is rewarded by watching her students grow. “I love how lessons build confidence in people,” said Donna.

As well as featuring owner Donna Folk and guest Artists some of the regular Artists at Donna’s Art Studio include Jerson Bulatao, Sharon McKinney, Irene Gut, Carlo Suarez and Kayla Eicher

Meet Donna Folk

Meet Donna Folk

Donna grew up in Fort St. John, went to school there and worked for years in the community. "I have lived here for over 60 years and I absolutely love it," said Donna. "I know so many people here and have many friends here so there's never a dull moment," Donna said, "and there's always something to do or go see."

Art has been Donna's passion for over 50 years. "I went to the USA several times and took many advanced courses to expand my own knowledge of Art, and ended up becoming a Multi-Certified Art Instructor," explained Donna.

She is a graduate of the Bob Ross School of Art, obtained her Alexander Art Certification (where Bob Ross went to school), became a member of the Wilson Bickford Partnering Program, and is a Registered Artist with the Walt Burger Studio. Donna is one of two people in Western Canada to have her level of certification. She has attended several International painting seminars and painted with world renowned artists like Buck Paulson.

Donna has taught at local craft stores, Northern Lights College, Artspace, Artspost and conducted private home-based lessons too. She started her own business, Donna's Art Studio/School, in 2006. "In my own studio," said Donna, "I get to control when I offer classes and I can give longer classes to let everyone finish and not rush through a painting."

Donna really appreciates the one on one time she is able to give in her own studio setting. "I love working with people," Donna said, "it warms my heart when I see how pleased and proud they are with themselves at what they accomplished." Donna is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artist, a member of the Fort St. John Community Art Council, and a member of several art galleries. Many of her paintings are in private collections internationally.

12772 269 Rd
Fort St. John, BC V1J 4M7


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