Critters Crates ‘N More


Critters, Crates ‘N More creates a delightful variety of hand crafted and home made products. They are pleased to provide crocheted stuffed critters designed with care and made with your little ones in mind.

Critters, Crates ‘N More also creates beautiful and long lasting wood products including custom wooden crates, stars, furniture and home decor built to fit your specific needs. Popular items have included sturdy and attractive canning jar crates, portable wine tables, bookcases and planter boxes.

Critters, Crates ‘N More is happy to work with customers to produce special wooden furniture and home decor items.

Meet Blaine & Dianne Cazes

Meet Blaine & Dianne Cazes

Blaine was born in Fort St. John and together with his wife, Dianne, they raised three children in the community. They love the friendly atmosphere of their hometown and appreciate all the amenities available to them locally. We love living in Fort St. John because there are more opportunities here. Dianne believes that people are able to meet one another and really get to know one another. You're not just a face in the crowd.

Blaine has been an entrepreneur for years and worked as a carpenter contractor. Blaine and Dianne started Critter, Crates 'N More in January 2016 and business has been booming. They started this as a retirement business and it has taken off faster than they could have ever expected. Blaine does the woodworking side of the business and Dianne makes the crocheted stuffed critters.

They enjoy operating their own business for the freedom of dealing with people as well as the ability to be creative and provide something unique and different. They realize their small business has a part in supporting the local economy and feel the future is bright for small businesses in Fort St. John. They've noticed the existing businesses have stepped up their customer service and become more customer oriented.

They like many of the local stores and recommend This & That Clothing Ltd., Rustic Country Decor, Honeysuckle Hobbies, Needful Things, Back Country, Teddy Bear Wears and Party Town.

47 Princess Cr
Fort St. John, BC V1J 2R4


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