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Janine is the owner of Created by Design, an accessory designer specializing in purse and clutch design. Created by Design also creates jewelry, hair accessories, children’s accessories, wallets, coin purses, and lipstick cases. “I’m always up for a challenge and take custom orders,” said Janine who is always on the look out for new design ideas. “I love incorporating vintage pieces with modern design, finding unique and quirky fabric to work with, everything floral and colourful,” said Janine.

Created by Design was founded in 2011 and business has been steady. Janine loves being able to work from home as this allows her to be close to her family. Each design from Created by Design is a unique and personal expression that Janine creates with care and attention to detail. Janine is able to have a relationship with her customers and loves the excitement of her customers when they see their finished products. She is proud of creating pieces that is just perfect for someone and seeing their connection to her creations. Every design reflects her personality and every order represents the uniqueness of her customers.

Purses, clutches, coin purses, wallets, lipstick cases, minaudier, dressing cases and jewellery are just some of the variety of products of Created by Design. Hair accessories, headbands, tiaras and children’s jewellery are also available. “It feels great to have built something from scratch,” said Created by Design’s Janine, “working every part of the business and learning all the aspects of running my own company.”

Meet Janine Jensen

Meet Janine Jensen

Janine grew up in Fort St. John and has generations of family and friends nearby. "I love Fort St. John because I get to know people so well," said Janine, "town events feel so personal and intimate." The small town atmosphere means Janine seems to know everyone and there is comfort in always feeling a connection.

Janine likes to read, play with her kids, cook and draw. Fort St. John is ideally located with great wilderness access. Janine enjoys being active in the great outdoors because, "it's just that, GREAT!"

Janine feels that Fort St. John will have it's ups and downs but small businesses are always the places that residents like to visit and make efforts to support. "I think we will continue to invest in the community by buying, selling, and creating locally," said Janine.

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