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MXV Integrated Health and Fitness’ mission is to provide the community of Fort St. James with access to a team of professionals and a variety of services in one central location. Combining fitness, therapy and nutrition through MXV fitness training and gym memberships, access to Samasta Wellness and Yoga, Accelerated Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, clinic days with Dr. Jody Brandolini in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and fresh and wholesome food options at The Soup Wallah on site. MXV Integrated Health and Fitness offers a unique fitness experience for all fitness levels that can be modified to accommodate you where you are today and help you achieve your health and wellness goals, with a variety of gym membership options, and group and individual fitness training to suit your needs.

Meet Scott Croucher

Meet Scott Croucher

Scott Croucher's mission is to provide the community of Fort St. James with a unique and integrated fitness and wellness experience at MXV Integrated Health and Fitness. A variety of options in a central location is what makes this business special and effective. Scott's approach allows access for all community members to treatments that would otherwise require travel. The ability for MXV to refer clients with pain in their movements to a health practitioner optimizes clients' fitness plan and quality of life.

Currently physiotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners routinely visit MXV Integrated Health and Fitness and they are hoping to add chiropractic services and more to the list. Nutrition and fitness must be considered together for those wishing to improve their overall health, body composition, or general sense of well-being. Scott Croucher and Laurie Gross, a certified Yoga Instructor, are both in the process of completing a certification from Precision Nutrition in Toronto and will be able offer nutritional consultations/coaching and related services.

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