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Music Makers has been keeping audience members in stitches in since the 1960’s. Run entirely by volunteers, Music Makers aims to make promote theatre arts in Fort St. James and provide a venue for actors of all ages and skill levels. Participation is open to everyone in the community, and no previous acting experience is necessary. If the thought of being on stage makes you queasy, you can still play a vital role in community theatre by serving in a support role. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer backstage and in other capacities. Music Makers strives to provide high-quality entertainment, and the relationships that are formed in the process of pulling together a stage production often last forever.

Meet The Music Makers Board & Volunteers

Meet The Music Makers Board & Volunteers

Music Makers is Fort St. James' very own community theatre group and has been providing light-hearted and thought-provoking live entertainment for many years. Music Makers is all about community, and participation is open to anyone- no experience necessary. Everything from directing to performing to the technical aspects of producing a play is undertaken by volunteers who do what they do simply for the love of theatre.

Charlotte Distan and Heike Fonda are long-time supporters of and volunteer for Music Makers. Heike's main responsibilities lie with venue rentals and billing, though she has been known to appear on stage on occasion too. Charlotte has served in various capacities with Music Makers over the years.

Music Makers specializes in comedy, and Heike says that Fort St. James audiences have been a delight to play to. "The audience is very receptive," she says. The group specializes in comedy performance, and they like to incorporate humorous local references in their productions, which the audience always appreciates. Because Music Makers' season runs during the winter, Heike notes that catching a Music Makers production is a great way to break up the tedium of the northern winter and add a little fun to one's week.

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