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Pregnancy, labour, birth and the post-partum months to follow are magical moments for a woman and her family. Many feel that they are able to soak up those special experiences even more when they include the services of a doula as part of their care plan. A doula is a specially-trained support person that guides women physically and emotionally on their journey into motherhood; they are not responsible for medical care, decision making or delivery of the baby.

Located in Fort St. James is Little Bird Doula Care, a hands-on informational, emotional and physical support service for pregnant women through all stages of the child-bearing process. Brooke Eschuk is the pre-natal and post-natal expert ready to provide families with nurturing care and informative techniques. She is certifying with Doulas of North America (DONA), a worldwide recognized and accredited organization. Brooke is also trained in numerous workshops including breastfeeding relationships and more! Her education repertoire is always ongoing, with the goal of offering child birth education in 2021.

In addition to physical and emotional support, some of the support that Little Bird Doula Care is providing evidence-based guidance in researching and providing clients with information to make the best decisions for their family. Brooke is an accredited La Leche League leader and offers mother-to-mother, non-judgemental support with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. She is knowledgeable of active labour and birth positioning, breathing and pain management techniques and so much more!

Women are powerful beings capable of riding the waves of their instinctive birthing experience. Little Bird Doula Care advocates the innate strength within women, encouraging mamas to take charge of their own labour and delivery process. The company abides by, and is sensitive to the fact that, a woman’s partner may need support through birth as well, and will advocate for partners as well throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and early-postpartum. The doula will not take the place of a mother’s partner, rather, she will offer guidance in order to best nurture mother and baby. Brooke works together with families to ensure the birthing mother is nurtured and cared for at all times.

If you’ve considered adding a doula to your birth team, or are interested in discovering if Little Bird Doula Care is the right fit for you, call or email the office today! Brooke would love to connect and discuss your birth wishes with you. Brooke is available to support birthing families from both Fort St. James and Vanderhoof.

Meet Brooke Eschuk

Meet Brooke Eschuk

Brooke Eschuk has always been fond of babies, even as a young child. Her interest developed into a passion over the years. She became aware of a need within her community for specialised care during the birthing process. She armed herself with as much information and credentials as possible in order to get her dream off the ground, and as of 2015 Little Bird Doula Care was born!

Brooke is an avid believer in encouraging autonomy for her clients. She provides every mother-to-be with accurate, evidence-based and up to date information, allowing them to make the best decisions for themselves and their baby. Always without judgment, Brooke is a calm and soothing person with a relatable demeanor who loves to connect with others. “I am passionate about all things birth, babies, and breastfeeding,” shares the doula professional. “I hold your hand and your space!”

When she isn't attending to a birth, Brooke enjoys being with her gorgeous, three young boys and supportive husband. Whether gardening, at the beach, or cozy at home with her quilting supplies, this busy mom and entrepreneur is able to make the most of her time largely thanks to the benefits of living in a small town. A lot of her lifestyle balance can be attributed to life in Fort St. James, a bustling and cohesive community with an abundance of amenities and outdoor recreational opportunities. “I love that the people of Fort St. James go out of their way to better the community,” says Brooke.

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