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Visitors will get an authentic taste of life in the rugged north when visiting the Trapper’s Den Wildlife Emporium on the Alaska Highway, the Gateway to the Northern Rockies. Inside is a treasure trove of eclectic souvenirs and regional arts and crafts as well as made-in-BC gifts, including antler carvings, moose and caribou-hair tuftings, fur hats and outerwear, aboriginal handcrafts, moccasins, mukluks, snowshoes and many more items reminiscent of the north. Stop in for a memento of your vacation or simply to swap tales of trapping, hunting and fishing in the wild north. Even the rich, smokey smell of tanned moose hide moccasins is enough to draw you in and make you relish your experience.

Meet John & Cindy Wells

Meet John & Cindy Wells

For John and Cindy Wells, Fort Nelson is the ideal place to live, and both have called it home for decades. In fact, Cindy's family has been here for generations. Her mother lived at the Old Fort as a teenager and helped cater to the many workers who helped to build the Alaska Highway. Business, particularly serving the tourism industry, was undoubtedly in Cindy's blood. Her parents ran a local gas station, campground and motel where they met thousands of tourists over the years. Cindy and John continue to serve tourists today who stop in looking for a souvenir of their visit to the north, or who just like to listen to John regale them with stories of his days as a trapper and hunter.

Both John and Cindy are deeply rooted to Fort Nelson, and neither has ever had the desire to go elsewhere, though they like to get away on camping trips from time to time and explore other parts of BC's north. They love the friendly people who live in Fort Nelson and couldn't imagine living in a city where neighbours don't get to know one another. Being so close to everything is also another of their favourite perks of small town living. "It doesn't take all day to get from one place to another," Cindy notes.

John and Cindy feel privileged to promote the town of Fort Nelson to so many out-of-town visitors and even visitors from other countries. They believe that Fort Nelson has many gems when it comes to business. Cindy adds that Fort Nelson and area is also home to many wonderful artists and artisans who add culture and whose works add ambiance to the area and they even showcase some of the local talent in the store.

Mile 293 Alaska Hwy
Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0


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*Closed all holiday weekends.

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