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The Herbal Medicine Clinic embraces a holistic, natural and proactive approach to health and well-being. The Herbal Medicine Clinic provides patients with alternative treatments and herbal therapies that boost the body’s ability to heal itself and to prevent future illness and pain. Dr. Gillian Leverkus, Ph.D. is highly trained in the field of herbal medicine and provides one-on-one herbal medicine consultations. The clinic also offers a variety of other services and treatments, including Reiki, reflexology and stress counseling, which can serve as a complement to herbal medicine or are effective as stand-alone treatments.

Dr. Gillian Leverkus, Ph.D. is a member of the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of BC.

Meet Dr. Gillian Leverkus

Meet Dr. Gillian Leverkus

Gillian Leverkus is a Registered Clinical Herbalist and a doctor of natural medicine with a passion for holistic health and well-being. "A healthy community is a happy community," says Gillian, and her mission is to help the people who live here live better lives naturally. She is proud of the practice that she established in 1980 and gets a sense of satisfaction when clients return for subsequent treatments or to thank her for the help she was able to provide them.

Gillian received all of her formal clinical training in England and moved to Fort Nelson from Vancouver Island. One of the things that drew her to her current home in Fort Nelson are the friendly, welcoming people that make up the community. When someone here is in need, says Gillian, "there is always someone willing to help."

It's only natural that Gillian is very connected to the outdoors, since much of her practice revolves around using plants to heal the body and to promote wellness. Gillian has an extensive knowledge of plants and is often called upon to help identify local plant species. When she's not busy in the clinic, Gillian spends a lot of time outdoors doing field work and gathering seeds for natural remedies. Under contract, Gillian wildcrafts native plant seeds for native plant nurseries in BC and Alberta.

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