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Olive McLean Notary Corporation has been providing legal assistance to Fort Nelson residents since 2006. Olive McLean Notary Corporation provides a variety of public services including conveyancing, refinancing, estate planning, power of attorneys and notarization. Olive McLean draws on her professional training and years of experience to help clients navigate issues relating to wills, property ownership and transfer and legal documentation in a way that is understandable and gives the client peace of mind.

Meet Olive McLean

Meet Olive McLean

Doing business in a small town is unlike business ownership in a city. Here in Fort Nelson, says Olive McLean, "people know you and feel comfortable doing business with you." Olive appreciates the fact that she is able to know her customers by their first names and be able to say hi to them when she's out and about around town. In a small town, she adds, you're bound to see someone you know whenever you head out to the grocery store or post office. That familiarity with one another also makes people more willing to pitch in and help when someone else is in need, and Olive has seen this happen on many occasions here.

Of course, living and working in a small town like Fort Nelson also mean no commutes. No commuting leaves Olive with more time to do the things that she enjoys, many of which take place outdoors, like hiking on the spectacular local trails. Here we are "surrounded by so many beautiful outdoor destinations," Olive remarks.

Olive gets a sense of satisfaction from being able to provide an important service to the people of Fort Nelson. Every day she's involved in helping people buy new homes, prepare wills, sign legal documents and other legal tasks, and she finds it rewarding to be able to help people with some of their most important affairs.

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