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Gold Fever has been helping Fort Nelson residents celebrate special occasions and brighten up the everyday with exquisite jewellery pieces since 1986. Gold Fever carries a wide selection of items that include gold, gold nugget, platinum, pearl and diamond jewellery, engagement/wedding rings and fine watches for men and women. Gold Fever is proud to carry a large selection of Canadian Diamond engagement rings, right-hand rings, men’s rings, pendants and earrings, all laser inscribed with certification paperwork. Guests will also find a delightful assortment of giftware, including baby gifts, wedding gifts, picture frames, knives, purses, wine glasses and scarves.

Gold Fever is a full-service jewellery shop that provides on-site engraving services for your personal or corporate needs, jewellery and watch repairs and in-store watch battery replacement. Gold Fever also offers custom corporate gift packages for special occasions, service awards and company promotional products, with specialized customer service to corporate clients offered by Gold Fever’s Corporate Promotions Manager, Karla Hodgson.

Gold Fever prides itself on exceptional customer service and is pleased to have helped three generations of Fort Nelson residents with their jewellery needs.

Meet Lorelei & Dwaine Purcka

Meet Lorelei & Dwaine Purcka

Lorelei Purcka is a Fort Nelsonite, having lived here since she was six months old. Business ownership came naturally to her, as both of her parents were business owners. Her mother actually sold jewellery from home for several years while Lorelei was growing up, which is where her own fascination with and appreciation for jewellery got started.

The entrepreneurial spark in Lorelei was ignited in her adult life and she decided to pursue her own business venture and opened Gold Fever in 1986. In 1989 her mother Darlene joined the business, and they moved to its current location. Lorelei and Darlene then ran a successful partnership for 14 years. While pursuing other interests and raising a young family, the store was closed for a time, and Lorelei and her husband Dwaine reopened Gold Fever in 2006.

Lorelei concedes that business ownership can be tough at times and that the work never really ends. But the challenge of building something successful out of nothing more than a dream was a call in Lorelei's life that was too strong to ignore. "You have to just do it," she says of starting a business. "You can't be afraid of failure or you'll never experience success."

Having been a part of the Fort Nelson business community since 1986, the Purckas have literally watched some of their customers grow up before their eyes. They are now serving the third generation of some of their earliest customer's families. It's something that never gets old for Lorelei, whose biggest thrill comes from interacting with people every day. She and Dwaine are grateful for the loyal support they have received from their customers over the years. This support has, in turn, provided the Purckas with the means to support countless local causes over the decades. "Their support is critical to the success of local organizations," Lorelei notes, "even if they don't realize it."

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