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Start your exploration of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality at the Fort Nelson Visitor Information Centre. Visitors will find a comprehensive collection of information, including travel brochures and maps, about what to see and do in the region and how to get there. Knowledgeable staff are constantly gathering up-to-date information about road and weather conditions so you can travel confidently, safely and efficiently to your destination. Fort Nelson Visitor Information Centre staff members are local residents and have intimate and personal experience with the area and know all of the best places to visit, both mainstream and off-the-beaten path.

The Fort Nelson Visitor Information Centre is unique in that it offers space for local artists and artisans to display their work. While you’re gathering advice about how to spend your visit to the Fort Nelson area, be sure to check out the fantastic work by Fort Nelson’s artists. You can even take one home with you as a memoir of your visit, or pick up one of the many other fun souvenir items you’ll find there.

Meet Bev Vandersteen

Meet Bev Vandersteen

The Fort Nelson Visitor Information Centre is operated on behalf of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality by the Fort Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce. This collaborative effort aims to boost the local economy by offering tourism advice to area visitors as well as to people who live here and want to get to know more about what there is to do in their community. It is operated as a non-profit organization, but the benefits that it provides to the area and local businesses are immeasurable.

Bev Vandersteen feels privileged to play a central role in promoting all of the things that Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies in general have to offer. "The visitor centre is an important connection between the visitor and our community," states Bev. Living in the midst of a vast natural playground makes the area an ideal tourist destination for visitors seeking outdoor adventures. It is also an ideal stop for those travelling up or down the Alaska Highway. Those who do stop or stay often take advantage of some of the many wonderful small businesses and services in the area.

It's not hard to convince those who live here that Fort Nelson is a wonderful community to call home. "It's a friendly, engaging community," says Bev. Every resident is connected in one way or another and people genuinely care for each other. As for the small business community, "local business supports the community and employs our children," Bev notes. "Business owners are connected and are our neighbours and friends."

5500 Alaska Hwy
Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0