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Registered Dietician Tova Dancevic of Flambé Salad Nutrition Consulting believes that choosing nutritious foods is important, but it is even more important to eat what you love and love what you eat, no matter what your current health or dietary requirements are. Whether you’re a diabetic who wants to learn how to adapt everyday recipes, a body builder who wants to combine foods to promote muscle growth, or you’re learning how to navigate the grocery aisles and keep gluten off your plate, Flambé Salad Nutrition Consulting can help you learn how to shop, cook and eat in accordance with your personal nutritional needs. Flambé Salad Nutrition Consulting offers a variety of nutrition services including individual consultations, group classes and workshops (with content customized to your group’s specific needs), personalized nutrition plans, cooking classes, pantry makeovers (helping you fill your pantry with healthy, nutrition-rich foods), grocery store tours, gluten-sensitivity testing and Nutrigenomix, a new technology for isolating gene markers related to diet. Tova Dancevic is Fort Nelson’s go-to nutrition expert, guiding you to better health through sound reliable nutrition advice.

Meet Tova Dancevic

Meet Tova Dancevic

Tova Dancevic had graduated with her Food and Nutrition Degree when she came to Fort Nelson to work for the summer. She was cooking in a tree-planting camp, and it was there that she met her future husband, a helicopter pilot working out of the camp. After returning home and completing her internship, she made a permanent move to Fort Nelson and, as they say, the rest is history.

Tova spent her first several working years in Fort Nelson as the Community Nutritionist and Hospital Dietician for Northern Health. Based out of Fort Nelson hospital, she worked with patients who had special dietary concerns and also did a variety of work within the community relating to nutrition education. But when her children came along, Tova decided to leave her job to stay home with her kids.

Now her children are teenagers. Wanting to get back into her profession, she decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship and started her own nutrition consulting business. Tova has always been passionate about nutrition and fitness, and running her own business is allowing her to exercise her passions in a way that excites her and allows her to work around her family. "Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring," says Tova, and she enjoys being able to teach people how to select and prepare food that meets their unique nutritional needs AND tastes delicious.

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