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Get in touch with your creative side with Dawn Gullackson Art. Through individualized art lessons or private paint parties for an entire group, residents of Fort Nelson have a new way to bring colour into their lives. Dawn offers suggestions in technique and form while equally fostering individual creativity and expression. She excels at bringing out a person’s strengths, without making anyone feel inadequate.

In addition to art lessons, Dawn Gullackson Art also sells her own original pieces. She loves working with acrylic and painting scenes near and dear to her life in Fort Nelson. She will happily do commissioned work to create a specific vision for her customers.

Also making an appearance every year in the museum is Dawn’s Alaska Art Exhibit, a beautiful homage to the jaw-dropping sights along the world-renowned highway. A detailed picture book will be available for purchase in the very near future at both the local museum and recreation centre.

Meet Dawn Gullackson

Meet Dawn Gullackson

Like many before her, Dawn Gullackson originally relocated to Northern British Columbia for an enticing employment opportunity. She was finishing up post-secondary education in the Lower Mainland when the call came in. Not expecting much, Dawn quickly changed her tune and fell in love with life in Fort Nelson. She loved the tight-knit community and how everyone stuck together no matter what. Shortly after settling, Dawn met her husband and decided it was an optimal spot for setting down roots.

The self-taught artist noticed that the arts community was lacking in the area. With Dawn’s encouragement, regional art shows and contests now benefit from exponential growth and artist entries. It has been her life’s mission to spread the love of painting within Fort Nelson, and she strongly believes that everyone, no matter their skill or experience, can paint. “I love teaching new people how to paint. They’ll say, ‘I can’t even draw a stick man,’ and I’ll tell them, oh yes you can!” laughs Dawn.

The art movement is so important to the entrepreneur that she went to lengths to painting 100 acrylic pieces in just 100 days, auctioning each one of them off every single day. All proceeds went to the local museum in Fort Nelson, a place very near and dear to Dawn’s heart.

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