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Photographer Tracy Rondeau has a gift for seeing into the soul through her lens, and her work reflects each subject’s unique and individual personality. Artography by Tracy artfully captures someone’s nature, preserving a moment in time for eternity. Artography by Tracy offers a variety of portrait packages, including individual, child and family portraits, lifestyle photography and engagement photos. Artography by Tracy also offers prints and canvasses of compelling nature, landscape and wildlife scenes for sale. Tracy Rondeau’s work has been featured as Nikon’s Photo of the Month.

Meet Tracy Rondeau

Meet Tracy Rondeau

Portrait photography is about conveying someone's unique personality in a single, frozen moment, and getting to know your subjects helps to captivate individuality. According to photographer Tracy Rondeau, small town living makes it easy to do so. "You get to know people and you build a relationship," she says. And one of the things that she most enjoys about photographing locals is watching how people change and grow over the years, especially children.

Fort Nelson may very well be one of the best places on earth when it comes to photo ops. In addition to family and lifestyle photography, Tracy also photographs objects, wildlife and landscapes and has taken some particularly stunning pictures of the northern lights. But her favourite subjects are the people who live in Fort Nelson who welcomed her and her work with open arms when she and her husband moved here.

For Tracy, photography is a way to connect with her surroundings, and it is something that she loves doing, even when she is not technically working. She appreciates that she's able to make a living doing what she is passionate about, and also enjoys the flexibility that it affords her in being able to be available to her daughter. And few things give her quite as much of a thrill as seeing her work displayed on someone's wall.

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