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Laughing Stock Farm, in beautiful Firvale, grows and sells a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, wool, honest-to-goodness free range eggs, cut flowers, and other farm products. “Our plants and animals are raised without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides,” said Alison, “our animals are grass-fed and happy.” Since 2007, Laughing Stock Farm has brought the community and the region fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as high quality, locally raised lamb, goat, pork, beef, eggs, artisan breads, wool and even firewood.

Laughing Stock Farm is part of the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF Canada) initiative and are pleased to offer farm internships year-round for budding farmers of any skill and experience level.

Meet Greg & Alison Sayers & Their Sons

Meet Greg & Alison Sayers & Their Sons

Alison and Greg chose to start a farm business in Firvale because of the excellent soil, affordability of farmland and close proximity to pristine wilderness. When they aren't busy with operating their farm, Alison and Greg enjoy getting their family out fishing and hiking. They are both proud of their hard work and that their efforts mean they are providing good food for their family and their community. "It's not just about the sale," said Alison, "it's about building good relationships and a sense of interdependence."

Firvale is known for having a beautiful setting with fresh air, good clean water and a high quality of life. Alison and her husband Greg, together with their sons, operate Laughing Stock Farm. They really appreciate the agricultural community on the Central Coast. "We are a hard-working and down-to-earth group of folks who love what we do," explained Alison. The people are true community members and often help each other when the going gets tough and join together to celebrate each other too. "We all do our best to support each other's good work," Alison said.

Firvale and area have a noticeable creative and entrepreneurial spirit and Alison has noticed more young people moving in, starting families and opening up businesses. She is hopeful and excited for the future of small businesses in the Central Coast.

4217 Hwy 20
Firvale, BC V0T 1H0


Monday to Saturday
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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