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Canyon Springs Consulting provides behavioural science consulting services to groups and work teams. Clients include businesses, community groups, government organizations, multi-stakeholder partnerships, and non-profits.

Canyon Springs Consulting can improve your workplace by helping you improve your communication, morale, efficiency, decision-making, strategy, leadership, management, group dynamics, conflict resolution, and other aspects of working together as a team. At Canyon Springs Consulting, Alison is happy to offer meeting facilitation, in-depth team interviews, training, leadership coaching, executive coaching and retreat facilitation.

Meet Alison Sayers

Meet Alison Sayers

In 2003, Alison started her own consulting company, Canyon Springs Consulting. She loves operating a business in Firvale and is proud of standing on her own two feet as an entrepreneur. Alison feels rewarded when she provides assistance to clients that are really struggling in their workplaces with their work teams. "Watching leaders grow and come into their own in ways that improve their work is an inspiring process to watch," Alison said, "and being a partner in that growth is a real honour."

Alison loves Bella Coola for the "clean air, close friends and unique community events." She appreciates that the people calling the Bella Coola valley home are connected to their surroundings and are handy and adaptable citizens. "One of the greatest things about this community is our ability to provide for ourselves," said Alison.

Alison enjoys spending time with her sons, hiking and playing with her dogs in the beautiful Bella Coola Valley.

Small towns are interconnected and Alison points out that everyone's good work has a positive impact on the whole community. She is grateful to other small business owners and their businesses such as Bella Coola Beauty Essentials, Black Sheep Timbers, Copper Sun Gallery and Journeys, Coast Mountain News and more.

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