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The crocheted items from Lorraine’s Handiwork are wearable works of art and are as functional as they are beautiful. Crafter Lorraine Turnbull is well-known in the area for her prowess with a crochet hook, and many local residents and visitors proudly own one of her beautiful items. She’s worked on many projects over the years.

Meet Lorraine Turnbull

Meet Lorraine Turnbull

Lorraine Turnbull organized the Fraser Lake Christmas craft fair for many years until work got too busy. She stepped away from it for a few years and scaled back on her personal crafting habit in order to focus on her work. But the crafting bug wouldn't let go of her entirely, and recently Lorraine decided that she needed less work and more crafting back in her life. So she fired up her crochet hooks once more, and Lorraine's Handiwork is back in business creating and selling crocheted items. She admits that she has a bit of an addiction to yarn, so much so that her husband is afraid to take her out shopping for fear she'll come home with more of it.

Lorraine plans to get back into the Fraser Lake Christmas Craft Fair again, as well as selling her work at the Burns Lake Christmas Craft Fair and the local Farmer's Market. Lorraine is proud of the quality of her work, and gets a sense of satisfaction when customers seek her out for specific items or projects.

Lorraine's day job preparing income taxes keeps her busy, especially during tax season. But when she's not working she almost always has a crochet hook and a project in her hand, noting that she likes to keep her hands busy. Lorraine has been a part of the local community for 34 years and has many relationships here. She appreciates the fact that Endako and the Fraser Lake region is a very safe place to live and that neighbours look out for one another. "This is my town," she says. She believes that the area has a lot going for it and that business owners need only to stick together and support one another in order to ensure a bright future for Endako and Fraser Lake.

16856 McDowell Rd
Endako, BC V0J 1L0


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