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Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, you can’t walk into The Northern Toybox without being flooded with a child-like sense of awe and wonder. The Northern Toybox appeals to the kid in everyone, from newborn to age 99 with a diverse inventory of products to help you learn, create and just have fun. The Northern Toybox specializes in educational toys, hobbies and books and stocks an enchanting selection of brand name stuffed animals, games, puzzles, art and crafts kits, science kits, remote control vehicles and aircraft and much more. Educators will be delighted by the selection of educational supplies. There’s even old-fashioned candy to satisfy the sweet tooth.

The Northern Toy Box is a member of the Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Andrew Ho & Brigitte Schilds

Meet Andrew Ho & Brigitte Schilds

Andrew Ho is a musician who performed and taught music to children before his foray into business ownership in 2015. Andrew's partner Brigitte Schilds was a fan and long-time shopper of Simple Pleasures (located next door to The Northern Toy Box) when the couple learned that it and The Northern Toy Box were for sale. The timing and opportunity seemed perfect for the couple, who purchased both stores in 2015.

Andrew is still very active in the Dawson Creek music and arts community outside of the business. He leads the Dawson Creek Kiwanis Community Band which performs regularly at local events and venues and even holds its own events three times per year, including Oktoberfest, a jazz band evening in February with dancing and activities and a Father's Day event. Andrew enjoys both event planning and performing and appreciates how music brings a diverse community together on so many different fronts.

Because of his long music teaching career, Andrew knows many local children and their families. He gets a kick out of seeing the faces of children whom he used to teach when they walk into the toy store and say "What are you doing here Mr. Ho?" For Andrew, working in the shop is another kind of "bridge" that connects him to the rest of the community and he is thoroughly enjoying his new role. Even though he and Brigitte are relatively new business owners, Andrew has already seen overwhelming evidence that Dawson Creek residents are highly committed to seeing their local independent small businesses not just survive but thrive. "There is very much a sense here of people wanting to support local small businesses," Andrew says. Because of this, he believes that the business climate in Dawson Creek positive and will remain so, particularly with young adults and young families moving into the area and settling down for the long-haul.

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