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Studio TGP equals brand, image development and management, out-of-the-box creativity and the full suite of services to go with it all, including website development, graphic design, video production, commercial, industrial and corporate photography. Studio TGP works closely with each client to produce a marketing package that reflects their company’s values, vision, and goals, highlighting what distinguishes them in their fields of expertise. Whether you need to build a website from the ground up, create or re-envision your branding strategy, market your services to the right audience or learn how to use social media to promote yourself, Studio TGP has the tools and the experience to help you reach your advertising goals.

Studio TGP was the 2013 and 2014 winner of the Photographer of the Year award by the Dawson Creek Daily News.

Meet Tryna Gower

Meet Tryna Gower

Dawson Creek may be a small town, but it is big on potential, especially when it comes to business, according to Tryna Gower. In fact, she says, its very smallness is what makes it such a joy to do business in. "Getting to know and grow friendships and build relationships is really what makes a great business work. When you get to deal with people you know and love over and over it just makes it that much more fun." Tryna's business is business, and she works with other small to medium-size business owners every day. She has a passion for business people and what drives and motivates them to do what they do. "I love learning all about the people who make it what it is and listening to their stories, being there to help them make their business situations better," says Tryna. "I am in love with business, people and creating, so building an image consulting business only made sense."

For Tryna, business is a collaborative effort. She regularly draws upon her staff and colleagues for great ideas and insightful visions. "My staff are constantly taking this business to the next level by jumping hurdles together," Tryna states. "Here at Studio TGP we honor our people's ideas and beliefs and always build and create side by side. They are very synergistic. I believe any successful business has this in place, that’s the secret to it all. Getting to create my big picture with the help of a team is very exciting."

Life isn't all work for Tryna, though. Her creative spirit naturally spills over into her life outside work, where she enjoys creating for fun and is also working on writing a book. She also loves to spend time relaxing with her family, connecting with friends and meditating.
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