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Rustic Rebellion Events & Rentals is an event planning company that carries a great variety of large and small celebration rentals. Rustic Rebellion Events and Rentals can plan, coordinate and decorate for your large or small, casual or formal event. They carry a wide variety of event rentals including the only photo booth rental in Dawson Creek.

Rustic Rebellion can special order many items in so they can have that special item you need for a particular theme. They also have experience with successfully building customized wood and steel event materials such as backdrops, archways, photo props and furniture.

Clients of Rustic Rebellion Events and Rentals can relax knowing their experienced staff can enthusiastically plan and decorate for their special event.

Meet Aiesha Mah

Meet Aiesha Mah

Dawson Creek is home to Aiesha and the citizens all feel like her extended family. Aiesha appreciates the helpfulness that the people of Dawson Creek show in times of need. "From the floods, to charity events, to fundraising for locals who are going through a tough time, the members of our community are always willing to help," said Aiesha. Dawson Creek has many recreation sites nearby and Aiesha loves getting out camping and disconnecting from regular life. She also enjoys spending time with her family, particularly her siblings and niece and nephew.

Aiesha operates Rustic Rebellion Events & Rentals. She love the freedom and creativity of being an entrepreneur. "It takes a lot of time and dedication," Aiesha said, "but the benefits are worth it." Aiesha was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, and following in their footsteps was important to her. "My family is incredibly supportive and inspiring when it comes to being a business owner," said Aiesha, "they've also shown me what it means to be one, along with the responsibility and integrity it takes to be a great entrepreneur in this town."

Aiesha is most proud of her office that encompasses everything she worked so hard to achieve. "My degree and certificates are hanging behind my desk to remind me of the time and effort I put in to get where I am at," she explained, "Most importantly, my office is beside my father's office, which is located inside the building next to my Grandfather's office. My grandfather worked incredibly hard to build an empire up from a minimal life in China and to raise his large family here in Dawson Creek." Aiesha is very proud to have built her life, her business and her office alongside two amazing Dawson Creek businessmen.

Aiesha loves doing business in Dawson Creek. "I like to be able to provide local options to the local people of the Peace Region," she said. Citizens and businesses in Dawson Creek are thrilled about shopping local and promoting small, non-franchise businesses. There are so many individuals and businesses who are supportive of local dreams. "Bing's Furniture & Appliances, Griffins Source for Sports, and Audio Connections are all my family's companies and I am super proud to be apart of a family of entrepreneurs," Aiesha said. Other small businesses that Aiesha recommends include Juice Five O for their authentic food and Fixx Urban Grill for never compromising food quality for price or scale of output.

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