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Proclaimed as an esteemed and innovative leader in the industry for over 28 years, Rip’s Cleats takes ice safety to another level. Originally created to aid in elderly maneuverability, Rip’s Cleats cleats quickly gained recognition as the new industry standard. Their patented design surpasses other products on the market, ensuring customers experience unprecedented grip on slippery surfaces. With deep-penetrating spikes that firmly grasp solid ice, Rip’s Cleats are your best choice for recreational and professional foot safety.

Utilized by trades people, first responders, recreational enthusiasts and beyond, Rip’s Cleats provides superior traction and convenience. There’s no need to take the product off for indoor use or operation of vehicles.

Rip’s Cleats are proud to remain locally manufactured in Dawson Creek, BC – every pair of Rip’s Cleats are made in the Peace Country by seniors, retirees and work-from-home families.  There are various models to choose from, including designs for women and children, in addition to medical straps and splints for first aid professionals. Their sought-after cleats and products can be found at distributors throughout Canada and the United States, or purchase at your convenience through their business’ website.

There’s no denying it, Rip’s Cleats can’t be beat! Keep safe with the top-rated cleats on the market today.

Meet Frank Ripley

Meet Frank Ripley

Frank Ripley has been in the foot business for more than five decades- initially enrolling in the Cobbler School for Shoe Repair in Vancouver in 1978. Even as a young child Frank was doing leather work and repairs, landing him a job working for a cobbler when he was just 15.

Invested in a true, lifelong passion, Frank spent many years mending boots and other footwear for the entire Peace Region and beyond. His first business, Rip's Shoe Re-nu, became the bread and butter of his livelihood. It wasn't until he had a bad fall on the ice, resulting in a head injury requiring stitches that the entrepreneur became inspired to create improved anti-slip products. A few prototypes later and slew of willing product testers, Frank knew he had something good. It wasn't long before his samples were snapped up by public servants, paramedics, and the energy sector.

It doesn't look like the innovator will be slowing down anytime soon- but when he does get the occasional quiet moment, his time is often spent exploring the bountiful nature surrounding the Peace with his family and friends. Frank is also passionate about gardening. He is also an avid supporter of many local causes. His family has deep roots within Dawson Creek. “I love that our community comes together when there are people in need,” shares Frank. “The Peace Country is my home.”

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