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Peace Radon Protection provides radon testing in homes. Radon gas leakage is common in northern BC. Left to accumulate inside of a home, it can lead to health problems like lung cancer. Health Canada recommends that homes which test higher than 200 bq/m3 implement radon mitigation measures to protect their and their family’s health. Peace Radon Protection uses specialized testing equipment to measure radon levels. If high levels are discovered, Peace Radon Protection will install a radon mitigation system in the home or look at other options for the homeowner to reduce the level of radon inside the home. Each home tested will receive an analysis of the test broken down into a detailed report. Short and long-term testing is available. Peace Radon Protection also provides radon education and awareness consultations and presentations.

Peace Radon Protection is a member of the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (CNRRP).

Meet Brent Marshall

Meet Brent Marshall

Brent Marshall has worked in the safety industry for several years. He was in Prince George taking some new safety courses when a particular class caught his attention. It was about radon protection, something he had never heard of before. The subject matter intrigued him, so he signed up on the spot. The course ended up changing his life. He learned that radon gas, common in colder climates like northern BC, can leak into homes. It is a radioactive gas and is colourless, odorless and tasteless. It is produced by decaying uranium in soil. When it leaks into the outdoors, it dissipates. However, if it leaks into homes it can build up. At levels above 200 bq/m3, the highest level that Health Canada deems "safe," it can it can lead to lung cancer. The longer a person is exposed, the greater the health risk.

Brent had never been a health advocate before, but when he learned about radon he felt compelled to do something. Shortly after he returned home, he ordered the testing equipment and tested his own home. His reading was 189, just under the Health Canada recommended level. It surprised him and spurred him into action. He started his business and is now fully committed to raising awareness of this little-known but common problem.

Brent's business is relatively new so he is very busy with all of the work that comes with a start-up. Any spare time that he has is usually devoted to his family, spending time with his kids and going to their games and activities. If he's lucky, he may even play his guitar or squeeze in a round of golf.

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