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Motivators is a fitness centre that motivates clients to become the best version of themselves. Motivators provides personal health consultations and uses a core conditioning program designed for all ages and physical conditions. Their programs optimize physical competence and improve functional movement with exercises such as cross training, personal training and sport specific training.

Motivators can cater to individual training, couples, groups and classes for all ages. “By practicing cross training with the support of a personal trainer,” said Cody, “you can achieve health and wellness.” Most importantly, Motivators is available to offer you motivation. “We provide purpose, stability and an energetic outlet, schedule and routine to help you become the best you can be,” said Cody. The gym practices and provides nutrition advice and successful diet strategies while also offering tanning, massages, a sauna, beverages and fitness wear for men and women.

Cody believes in giving back to his community and supports many local charities.

Meet Cody Moe

Meet Cody Moe

Cody started Motivators in September of 2014 because he wanted to improve the health of his community. "I chose to build my business here because there was a need for the service I provide," explained Cody. In a small town, Cody has found, it's easy to reach out to every client of Motivators on a more personal level. This connection enables customers to reach a higher level of personal health and fitness. Cody's proud of his business because the services he provides improve an individual and contribute to better overall health for his community. "I'm most proud of the success of the clients of the gym," said Cody.

Born and raised in Dawson Creek, Cody enjoys the beautiful landscape surrounding his community and all the outdoor activities that are readily available nearby.

Unit 1401 102 Ave
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 2JC


Monday to Friday
5:00 am - 9:00 pm