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The Mile Zero Cruisers Car Club is a non-profit group consisting of vehicle lovers of all kinds. Located in Dawson Creek, the club strives to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of what they are driving. The Cruisers are dedicated to the betterment of their community, and as such, their event profits always stay right here in Dawson Creek, helping a local charity or individual in need.

The biggest event held by the car club is their annual Summer Cruise Show and Shine which attracts car enthusiasts from all over western Canada.This family-friendly event fills the streets of Dawson Creek with fantastic vehicles of all kinds and is the largest free event hosted by the city.

From April to September, the club holds weekly Thursday evening cruises where they meet up to cruise, chat about cars and discuss their upcoming events. Everything is wrapped up around the end of September, just in time for everyone to put their cars to sleep for the winter. If you’re a vehicle enthusiast who’s looking to connect with a great local group, they’d love to have you!

Meet the Mile Zero Cruisers Car Club

Meet the Mile Zero Cruisers Car Club

The Mile Zero Cruisers Car Club is a group of vehicle enthusiasts based in Dawson Creek. For over 20 years, this non-profit society has dedicated itself to the betterment of the community by holding multiple fundraising initiatives throughout the city. The two biggest events held by the Mile Zero Cruisers are their famous 'Summer Cruise Show and Shine' and their annual 'Cruiser Christmas Toy Drive'.

“Every year during the second weekend in July, we host our Summer Cruise Show and Shine," says Cruisers director, Judy McPherson. "It’s a three-day event where the Cruisers welcome riders from all over into our community. The event is capped off on Sunday when the city closes the downtown to help us celebrate. The tradition has grown from just three cars to hopefully 500 this year! Our Show and Shine is Dawson Creek's second largest event," she explains.

"This all started over 25 years ago when a couple of guys were just hanging out and talking cars," explains Judy. "It’s grown from us needing two city blocks to us needing 10 or 12! We bring in a lot of tourism and economic value to the city. People will come here for the cruise and leave and spread the word about how great of a community we are."

"We donate to everything from local charities to our high schools," states Judy. “Our club supports the people of Dawson Creek and the surrounding areas. It’s all about the people. It’s a chance for car owners to get together and do great things for our community. It’s nice to be able to share a common denominator with other people. We all like our vehicles and we all like to drive. It’s just a great group to be around."

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