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World cultures and fashion meet at Layla’s Collection, a unique online boutique offering ethnic-inspired clothing from around the globe. From the far east to the deep south, Layla’s Collection is hand-picked by professionals from some of the world’s most inspiring and diverse locations. Layla’s Collection includes cross-border fashions from every genre: casual, professional and formal wear for every season, plus stunningly beautiful and practical accessories. Simple ordering and prompt shipping are just a small part of the personalized, committed customer service you’ll receive every time you place an order with Layla’s Collection.

Meet Rahim & Laila Moledina

Meet Rahim & Laila Moledina

Rahim and Laila Moledina moved to Canada from Mexico in 2011. They were looking for a better quality of life for their son and found it in Dawson Creek​, BC​. “There are so many opportunities here,” says Rahim of both Canada in general and of Dawson Creek. He and his wife both found good jobs and their son enrolled in a local school. They are particularly grateful for the good education their son ​is getting here and that he is ​acclimatized and has made many new friends.

Rahim and Laila owned and operated a ​similar style boutique when they lived in Mexico. After they moved to Canada, they spent some time familiarizing themselves with their new community and ​working hard at ​their jobs. However, their goal was to eventually start a clothing business here in Dawson​ Creek​. They started as an online venture in 2015, but one day hopes to have a brick and mortar location in Dawson Creek.

Dawson Creek, says Rahim, is a perfect place to open such a store. After all, there are ​so ​many ​people from diverse backgrounds ​that call this place home. Wearing cultural clothing helps to keep people connected to their heritage and is an important means of cultural expression. Because Rahim and Laila hand-pick absolutely every item in the collection, they ​are able to tailor their inventory to the demographics, needs and wishes of the people who live in Dawson Creek. The Moledinas believe that locals will appreciate having a local place to buy cross-border fashions rather than having to go to a large urban centre or buy online.

10717 Willowview Dr
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4T2


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