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Want to know if you’re clear to work? Get prompt answers with It’s All About Health, a private and locally-owned medical testing office mandated to promote health and wellness “through prevention education, evaluation and treatment.”

Occupational testing ensures the optimal health and safety of a workplace, and is often a regulatory requirement. For fast and discreet results, It’s All About Health delivers mobile medical services and testing for both on and off the job. Specializing in workplace testing, this industry leader boasts a growing list of available services including breath alcohol testing, 7 & 12 panel drug testing, Kraus Webber, RN medicals, physician medicals, mobile immunizations, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, audiometric testing, spirometry and more!

It’s All About Health also offers CPAP therapy for sleep apnea, custom ear impressions and various medical administrative courses. If you feel tired during the day and have been told your snore, you may be afflicted with the dangerous sleep disorder. Sleep apnea therapy can give you your life back! All testing is completely confidential and produces instant results- there’s no waiting around on your busy schedule!

It’s All About Health is ready to help you achieve your occupational and health goals. Call or email today to book your appointment, or come visit the office for more information.


Meet Patsy Keen

Meet Patsy Keen

Patsy Keen is a passionate advocate of workplace safety in addition to assisting community members in developing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She abides by her company's mandate personally by keeping active in the expansive, surrounding back country with her friends and family. A deep-rooted love of horses fills much of Patsy's leisurely time; it's how she reconnects with nature, providing her with utter contentment.

As an entrepreneur in Dawson Creek since 2014, Patsy has been welcomed into the small business community with open arms. She feels that residents are especially encouraging of creative expression in small business development, promoting a wonderful experience for entrepreneurs to use their imagination to the fullest. “I believe with supporting local businesses we can all grow and flourish into what we want to be,-” shares Patsy. “in doing that, we together will develop a great sense of community!”

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