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Inn on the Creek provides newly renovated accommodation with large rooms that are clean, comfortable and affordable. The Inn on the Creek owners Sam and Fatima Mangalji are proud to be on site every day operating their 50 room facility and Sam’s Kitchen restaurant. The restaurant is a licensed facility and serves Canadian, Indian and Phillipino foods that receive rave reviews from customers. Guests at Inn on the Creek enjoy top quality accommodations, a hot breakfast and the close proximity to the other stores and services in Dawson Creek.
Sam and Fatima Mangalji are proud of their on site managers Ron and Maggie Pilgrim as well as the rest of their staff. “We are so pleased with our great staff,” said Fatima, “they are so caring and friendly and they help set the stage for total relaxation during your stay”.

Meet Sam and Fatima Mangalji

Meet Sam and Fatima Mangalji

Sam and Fatima Mangalji own Inn on the Creek and enjoy the flexibility of owning their own business. Fatima is able to pursue volunteer work and over the past 18 years she has been happy to assist 17 families navigate the Provincial Nominee Program and become part of Dawson Creek. Sam is a Rotarian and enjoys giving back to Dawson Creek.
Fatima enjoys the camaraderie of the Inn's staff and the interactions with the Inn's guests. Every guest is treated with care and Fatima finds that repeat visitors easily become close friends with herself, Sam and the rest of the staff.
Sam and Fatima love living in Dawson Creek. Fatima moved from Dallas, Texas to Dawson Creek and hasn't looked back. "We have everything we need here - great schools, a good hospital, an arts building," said Fatima, "we can see top quality cultural performances and have a ten minute maximum commute time to our homes". The people living in Dawson Creek are what Fatima loves the most. "Everyone is friendly and supportive, the Mayor loves our community, the Chamber and other businesses are always very helpful," said Fatima.

10600 8th St NE
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3R3

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