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DC Recycling is a full-service bottle and recycling facility serving Dawson Creek and the surrounding areas. Their 10,000 square foot warehouse recycles everything from bottles, cans and household items to scrap metal, paint, pesticides and small appliances.

At DC recycling, they help area residents reduce their carbon footprint by keeping reusable material out of our landfills. AND they will pay you for doing so!

Stop by their facility today and let their friendly and helpful staff assist you with all of your recycling needs.

Meet Jeremy & Brandy Parslow

Meet Jeremy & Brandy Parslow

Jeremy has climbed the ladder of success. He began his career as an entry-level worker, joining the DC Recycling team shortly after graduating high school. After 10 years of dedicated hard work, he was raised to partner in the company and in 2013, his ultimate goal was achieved when he and his wife were able to purchase the business.

“My favorite part of this job is the people. I really enjoy making people feel good about recycling," explains Jeremy. "I also like that being a business owner means you are in control of your own destiny."

Jeremy mentions that he is also grateful that owning his own business allows him to give back to the community he calls home.
“We donate to charities and community groups all the time," he says. I'd say it's upwards of 20 thousand dollars every year that we donate all across town.”

"I was raised here and I went to school here. There are not many faces I don’t know around town and I enjoy that. You know everyone by name and can walk down the street and say "Hi" to everyone.
I’m big into fishing and there are so many lakes and rivers around Dawson Creek. I like to stay active and utilize our outdoors all the time. We also have a great music scene here. Our event centers have brought in a bunch of great bands lately. They brought in Megadeath and Slayer will be coming to town this year. I would never have imagined that Slayer would be coming to Dawson Creek but I’m pretty excited about that.
My wife, Brandy makes and sells wooden crafts in her free time. She’s also a big shopper,” he laughs.

Jeremy explains that business in a small town is a bit easier because everyone knows each other.
"If you go to another shop and they don’t have what you need, they’ll just give you a call when it comes in. You’re working with friends and people you grew up with," he says.
"There’s a real strong push lately for this shop local initiative. There are quite a few new and unique shops that are popping up in town. I myself, rarely go out of town to shop anymore!"

"We have three children and our oldest has already started working here," he continues. "It would be really great to watch something I worked hard for, turn into a family business."

925 100 Ave
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 1W2


Monday to Saturday
9:00 am - 5:30 pm