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B&T has 6,000 square feet of some of the most unique and alluring home decor, jewellery, fashion accessories, cards and craft supplies available in Peace Country. Inside, guests will find a stunning selection of collectibles and elegant gifts, including artisanal lotions and soaps and decor items for the home and garden. There is also a dazzling collection of fashion accessories, including Canadian-made jewellery, fashion purses and leather purses and wallets by Derek Alexander. For the crafter and creator, B&T carries a diverse inventory of crafting supplies, including yarn and scrapbooking and art supplies. Find the perfect gift for someone else or treat yourself.

B&T is a member of the Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Brenda & Terry Sewell

Meet Brenda & Terry Sewell

Brenda and Terry Sewell are long-time residents of Dawson Creek and owned a local farm for many years. When the opportunity arose for them to pursue business ownership, they decided that small business ownership would be a positive addition to their ventures, a good second income and a long-term investment in their family's future. They opened B&T in 1985 as a ceramics store. Gradually the business grew and they expanded to include craft supplies and, later, home decor. Today B&T is well-known throughout the Dawson Creek area for its unique selection and beautiful, high-quality products.

Brenda and Terry are dedicated to the community, which has served them well as they have raised their children and farmed the land over the years. They love the outdoors and so Dawson Creek living has given them numerous opportunities to enjoy nature. Their favourite way to do so is going camping.

Being in business hasn't always been easy. The Sewell's, like other local business owners, face a variety of challenges on a daily basis, but for Brenda and Terry, entrepreneurship has also been rewarding in ways that cannot be calculated on a spread sheet or bank statement. Brenda regularly gets compliments from customers about how much they love the store and appreciate the staff. In fact, Brenda is particularly proud of her staff, who she says always go above and beyond to represent the business. They are capable, competent and truly care about the business. "If I want to go away on vacation I know that I can leave the store with them and I don't have to worry about a thing," says Brenda.

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